FREE Printables for the Classroom

I am always on the look out for anything FREE and PRINTABLE for my classroom!  The longer I teach, the cheaper I get!  I have found that many things are available free on the internet!  Here are just a few things I have found on my internet searching.  If you have some free printable websites that you would like to add to this page, please email me!

Forms for Classroom Management, Planning and More!

Classroom Resources and Activities

Book Reports

Reading and Literature Circles Resources

Guided Reading Books and Passages

Posters and Classroom Decorations

Power Point Presentations

Handwriting Practice Sheets

Forms for Classroom Management, Planning and More!

Education World Templates

TONS of templates for Back to School, Planning, Behavior Management and LOTS more!

Hazel Goes Cook Elementary School

Forms for about everything: lesson planning, classroom management, graphic organizers, etc.



Classroom Resources and Activities

Mystery State Game

Students are given one clue per day to try to "guess" which state is being described.

Daily Editing Practice for Students

Printable paragraphs with errors for students to correct.  There is a different paragraph for ach day of the month.

RHL School

  There is a BUNCH of reading skills worksheets.  You can just print the worksheets.  However, I will use the worksheets to create games so I don't have to brainstorm questions and answers!

Printable Homeworkopoly Board

This board game is a great incentive to get kids to complete their homework.  Read all about it on the attached link.

Printable Board Games

Many different versions of printable board games to create activities in your classroom!

Word Search Maker by A to Z Teacher Stuff

Create your own word searches using this online tool!


Create your own word searches using this online tool!

Logic/ Brainteasers from Discoveryschool

These are great to print out, mount on construction paper and laminate.  Post a new logic brainteaser every day or week for you students.

Printable Student certificates

Cute, cute cute printable certificates.

Billy Bear Create Your Own Certificate

 Create you own certificate by choosing boarder, seal and graphics.

Scholastic Flashcard Maker

Create your own flashcards with fronts and backs using math or words.

Printable Oversized Playing Cards

Could be great for math games!

My Teacher Tools

Lots of options for flashcards and a flashcard exchange!

Printable Graph Paper

Different sizes of graph paper available.

Patricia Polacco

Fun stuff for Polacco's books such as bookmarks, coloring sheets and a few online videos!


Printable bingo games for holidays, telling time and sight words.


Tons of great stuff!  This site does require a membership; however three are still LOTS of great FREE printables!  Thanks for the tip, Lynette!

Charlie French Test Prep

Test prep with good overall  information.  It has lessons with passages and questions to be printed.  Thanks for the tip, Lynette!

Cheryl Sigmon's Handouts

This woman is a Four Blocks guru!  On her site, she has tons of great printables for reading and writing instruction.  The site covers all elementary sites.  Check here out for great printables AND ideas.

SEN Teacher

TONS  of literacy and math printables.  I have who has, game printables, literacy dice, phonics fans and much more!!!!

The Lesson Machine

This website it a paid membership site.  However, there is a blog section that has freebies.  Currently their is an amazing FREE literature unit (a very, very complete one at that) on a multicultural tale.  This is worth checking out!

Free Kids Music

Cute FREE kids music you can download for your classroom.  There is a song about the water cycle somewhere on here!


Adorable audio stories for FREE!  Students can listen to them online and follow along with the story on the site, or you can burn them to a CD! 

Carl's Corner

This site is AMAZING.  I use it all the time and just in awe of all the amazing, free materials that Cherry provides.  This is a MUST SEE site!

Instant Display Teaching Resources

This is an excellent source for printable activities and games.  Please note that is is a UK site and some of the language may not mach Standard American English.
Task Cards Proteacher member unseen01  has put together an amazing list of links to task cards.  There are task cards on pretty much every imaginable topic area!!!
  Reading Assessment  Excellent runnning records asssemnt that can be used with any book. Very similar to the DRA.  This is from Ms. Gurian. 
  Teaching Ideas Tons of free printable ideas for literacy, math, science, etc.  It is a UK site, so double check fofr any spellings.  TONS of stuff!
Teaching Displays This site has free, printable displays like letters for bulletin boards, posters and so on.  However, it aslo has matching games for idioms, synonym word cards for walking and lots of other great useful stuff~

Book Reports

Books Report  forms from ABCTeach

Printable book reports for many different genres.

Mrs. Renz' Book Reports

A different printable book report per month with examples and directions.

Reading and Literature Circles Resources

Laura Candler's Literature Circle Role Sheets Printable packet with all the roles and a detailed explanation of how to use them
All America Reads Check the bottom of the page for downloadable literature role sheets.
Literature Circle Role Sheets from ABCTeach Different versions of roles sheets.
Laura Candler's Graphic Organizers Scroll to the bottom of the page to find several different graphic organizers she sues for literature circles.
Reading Logs by Country Clipart by Lisa Very cute home reading logs with clipart.
EdHelper Home Reading Logs These have cute clip art that can be seasonal.
Teresa Wilson's Reading Log Very cute frog reading log with room for a summary/ reflection.
Mosaic List Serve Strategy Posters There is so much on this site, it is unreal.  However, these reading strategy posters are WONDERFUL.
Mosaic List Serve Readers Theaters Tons and tons of downloadable Readers Theater scripts.
Adrian Bruce Wonderful printable phonics and decoding games.

I have printed these games as at home practice for struggling students.

Learning Island Oh my goodness!  FREE printable books for your students to read.  The books are leveled and a free to print.  A cheaper version of Reading a-z!
  Christina Bainbridge's Comprehension Strategy Posters Christina has tons of neat stuff on her file pages.  I love her cute reading posters.
Christina Bainbridge's Comprehension Prompt Cards I LOVE these! I am tempted to make a class set of these and have the kids keep them in their book boxes to help them when marking post its in their book.  It would take forever to make, but  I am considering it!

Guided Reading Books and Passages

A-Z Reading

Although you have to pay to be a member of this site, there are several free printable books for teachers to use as samples.

The Learning Page

Many printable books about a boy named Tommy with free activities.  You will need to become a member to download the books, but it is free.

National Geographic for Kids

This magazine has online stories that you can print and use and guided reading groups (not leveled)

Time Magazine for Kids

This magazine has online stories that you can print and use and guided reading groups (not leveled)

Printable Martin Luther King Jr. Book

Great, small printable book about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  This book is not leveled.

Posters and Classroom Decorations

Printable School Posters

 Posters for schools to use.  Many encourage students to join clubs, organizations and school celebrations.

Writing Posters

Printable writing posters.  These are geared towards the Six Traits.

Printable Bulletin Board Displays from Teachnet

Many different printable bulletin board ideas.

Santa- Maria Bonita School Districts printable posters

Lots of reading genre posters, comprehension posters and proofreading posters.

Power Point Presentations

Pre-made Power Point Presentations TONS of presentations for all subject areas
Power Point Templates Power point templates that are can be customized for teachers.
Power Point Presentations for Specific Subjects and Grade Levels All I can say is WOW.  If you want a presentation on contractions, verbs, the Civil War.  HUGE library of presentations.

Handwriting Practice Sheets

Donna Young's Penman Sheets

A few traceable cursive practice sheets

Handwriting for Kids

Printable sheets plus an animated version of how to make the letters!

ABCTeach Cursive Sheets

Many different versions of cursive (D'Nealian) sheets.

Handwriting Worksheets

Custom make handwriting sheets! Has many different kinds of print to trace.