I do use centers in my classroom.  However, I do NOT have centers during Guided Reading.  When I teach Guided Reading I want my students to be involved in authentic reading, not an activity manufactured by the teacher to keep the students busy.

        So, when DO I have center time?  When students come in the mornings I have a list of things for students to complete on the board.  Here is an example of what I usually have on the board for the students

Good Morning!

1. Unpack.  Turn in homework

2. Sharpen two pencils

3. Write down homework.

4. Make sure you have a DEAR time book.

5. Choose a center.


         I explained to students in the beginning of the year that I do NOT settle arguments about who got what center and when.  It was first come first serve.  To my amazement, I have yet to have a problem with students arguing over centers!

        Centers are all kinds of activities that I have created and I have found in teacher resource books.  I have also tried to include pictures of the centers I use in my classroom.

        Now I have students REQUESTING center time and all the activities are educational.  I could not ask for more!

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Center Ideas




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