I have only a few winter activities to add.  Since I really do not focus on special activities, my additions are pretty random!

Colonial Craft Days

Snowflake Paper Cutting

Snow Flake Bentley Readers Theater in Word

Snow/ January Poems for Readers Theater in Word

The Grinch Readers Theater in Word by Ms. Drummond

Snowman Glyph

Colonial Craft Days

Right before Winter Break, we do celebrate Colonial Crafts Days.  Since the colonies are part of the fourth grade curriculum, we try to recreate some activities that were popular during colonial times.  This is something that I DO NOT do alone, and this year I didn't even help a lick to organize it!  My wonderful team teaching partner organized it all for the three teachers participating.

  • Here are some of the activities that we taught:

  • candle making

  • rag ball making

  • snowflake/ paper cutting

  • making paper dolls

  • yarn dolls

  • soap carving

  • sewing a pot holder

  • tin punch



Snowflake Paper Cutting


I found this awesome paper cutting snowflake idea on Mrs. Ritenour's website, Talented Kid Zone.  The kids loved creating these beautiful snowflakes!  They took a good 45 minutes to an hour to create, but my kids were really into it.


Click here to see the snowflakes



Snowman Glyph

I found these two snowman glyphs on on www.mathwire.com.  Neither were exactly  what I was looking for, but both were very close.  One glyph was created by Mrs. Ritenour and the other was created by Ms. Weber.  I combined the ideas from both to create this glyph.  Please take note that I did NOT create the glyph, but compiled it based on the ideas of others.  Here is a copy of the snowman glyph in Word and in PDF.

After everyone has created their glyph and we have hung them , I will send students to read the glyphs using this sheet.  As soon as I create my sample (this week),  I will post it!