The Indian In the Cupboard

By Lynne Reid Banks

Here are some ideas I have collected from other teachers and the web (of course!) for this novel.



Responses to Literature




Literature Packet

Here is a copy of several vocabulary words and discussion questions hat could be use as a literature packet for students.  I DID NOT create these!


These are quizzes over the chapters.  I DID not create these!

Chapter One and Two

Chapter Three and Four



Class Books

I have also had students make class books.  Each student is given a vocabulary word. On a sheet of paper they write the word, define it, use it in a sentence and then draw a picture.  Students share with the class.  Then all pages are bound into a book.


Response to Literature

Friendly Letter

Friendly Letter Rubric

Students write a friendly letter to teacher in which they identify favorite parts, make connections, and ask questions.



This is a great site with LOTS of information on it!

The author's official website.



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