Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing

By Judy Blume

Here are some ideas I have collected from other teachers and the web (of course!) for this novel.



Responses to Literature

Cumulative Projects




Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Test

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Test Review

I created these to give after we read the book.  The skills I focused on were sequencing and cause and effect.  We review genre.  One of the activities that we did in small groups involved sentence strips.




Crossword Puzzle

I made this in www.puzzlemaker.com  from a few vocabulary words that I selected from the book.


Class Books

I have also had students make class books.  Each student is given a vocabulary word. On a sheet of paper they write the word, define it, use it in a sentence and then draw a picture.  Students share with the class.  Then all pages are bound into a book.


Response to Literature

Friendly Letter

Friendly Letter Rubric

Students write a friendly letter to teacher in which they identify favorite parts, make connections, and ask questions.



This is an activity from Linda Hoyt's book Reflect, Revisit and Retell.  This is a wonderful book full of comprehension activities.  Click here to read about it.  In this activity students brainstorm words that are important to the text.  For example Peter, Dribble, ate, turtle, toddle bike, Fudge, etc.




Many activities and ideas!





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