By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Here are some ideas I have collected from other teachers and the web (of course!) for this novel.



Responses to Literature

Cumulative Projects




Character Web

This character web breaks down all the things a character says, what other say about the character and the character's actions.  This web is about Judd Travers and how the author shows, rather than tells what kind of person he is.


Venn Diagram

Compares Marty (protagonist) to Judd (antagonist).




Crossword Questions

Crossword Answers

I have had students complete the crossword before reading in order to reinforce and introduce vocabulary. 


Class Books

I have also had students make class books.  Each student is given a vocabulary word. On a sheet of paper they write the word, define it, use it in a sentence and then draw a picture.  Students share with the class.  Then all pages are bound into a book.


Response to Literature

Friendly Letter

Friendly Letter Rubric

Students write a friendly letter to teacher in which they identify favorite parts, make connections, and ask questions.


Cumulative Projects

Art Project

Students can create a wanted poster of Judd describing the character and  citing all the things that he has done wrong.  Good follow up to the character web.


Mock Trial

This is an activity from the Teacher Created Materials Book.  Students simulate a Mock Trial where Judd is on the defense for animal cruelty.  Students develop roles and create questions for the prosecution and defense.

Examples of questions student have created.



Ideas for the Book

Think Quest for each chapter

Lesson Plans- these look pretty through

Lesson Plans- Includes anticipatory set

Companion Guides to purchase to teach Shiloh

Cross Curriuclar Ideas

Proteacher Archives.  Go to  Click on Ideas Archive and search for Shiloh.  Here are some links I found.



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