Writer's Workshop: An Overview

          In Writer's Workshop students will spend time writing EVERY DAY!  I personally start with a mini-lesson that usually involves a trade book, writings by myself or other students as a model and guide for writing behaviors.  Then I give the students a "task" to work on while they write independently in their Writer's Notebook.  When students are working in their notebooks they choose the topic to write about.  I encourage students to included what we discussed during the mini-lesson (like dialogue and quotations marks) but do not give a prompt to write to. While students are writing I walk around the room and informally talk or conference with each student.  I record the information from this conference on a clipboard and move to the next child.  I usually only conference for about 3-5 minutes with each child.  Then we have a short time for sharing.  I do not allow students to read all of the story aloud because there is simply not enough time.  Instead I ask them to share a word, sentence or short paragraph they were proud of.

Here is an excellent article about writers workshop in the classroom.

The website, www.ttms.org (Teaching that Makes Sense) has a wonderful explanation of how to run writers workshop in the classroom.  Click here to read this article.

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