Updated June 2009

I graduated in December of 2002 from a small college in Georgia.  I was very lucky.  I found a teaching job that began in January.  A small school had grown and needed another fourth grade teacher.  Instead of pulling five students from each class to create a class of 20, one teacher volunteered to leave his classroom and teach only science to the entire grade level.  Science would become a "lab" for students and more planning time for the teachers!  It was a wonderful situation.  I simply stepped in and continued many of the practices of the previous teacher (who was wonderful).  As a new teacher, he became a mentor ( and his room was right next door) and I stepped into a classroom  with management and behavior routines already set up!  An ideal situation for a brand new teacher!! I STILL use some of those routines now!

Three years ago another teacher and I hatched up the plan to team teach.  I taught reading, writing, and social studies and my partner taught math, science and grammar/spelling.  After reflecting and thinking we switched things up a bit; I  now teach ALL the language arts: reading, writing, spelling and grammar and my partner teachers all the content areas.  It has been a very successful model and we have been very pleased with the results.    I will be calling my room the languages arts Mecca!  Because I only teach three subject areas twice a day I have been able to really focus on my instructional methods.  I have found what works best for me and I can continue to tweak it until I can get it just right.   I am now making the changes so I can have a true model of balanced literacy in my room.

On  a personal note I am  happily married (we are just about to  celebrate our 3rd anniversary) with two cats that are my children! 

I have been struggling whether or not to add this to the website.  I feel kinds guilty, like I am bragging.  However,  I finally decided that I should included it because, well, I do pay for this site AND it is a big honor. I was voted as my local school Teacher of the Year!  I was simply floored and very honored that my colleagues would recognize me. It has been a very exciting time! Here is the coolest part: My House of Representatives has created a House Bill in my honor!  Wow!  They created one for all the local TOTY's, but I am still honored.  I saved a pdf file of it if anyone wants to see it (I am sure only my mother will check this link out- I love you mom!).


My adorable hubby and myself at graduation!

Changes!  Changes! I graduated with my Masters in Reading and Reading endorsement a few weeks ago.  It feels WONDERFUL to have this DONE!!!  I am currently taking two classes towards my Specialist in Leadership. I will only be taking one class this fall and *maybe* two in the spring because I will no longer be teaching fourth grade!  I have requested to move to second grade and I am VERY exited about this new adventure.  I will be adding second grade information to the site (but I doubt it will be very helpful, I have never taught second and have no clue as to what I am doing!!!)! 

Another year has passed!  It is hard to believe. I LOVED teaching second grade.  The students were sweet and eager to please!  I do not think I will ever move back to the upper grades, but you know what they say- never say never!  The past year was pretty eventful.  My husband and I bought our first home and moved about and hour and a half to two hours to a new county and school district.  I applied for a job was very pleased to be hired to take a second grade position at a school that is only ten minutes from my new house!  Yay!   I have decided to quit working on my Specialist for the time being because of all the changes.  I have 3 course under my belt and will hopefully return in the summer. 

And so another school year has passed and I find myself sleeping in late and cleaning.  It feel so good! Apparently I am professionally restless (who knew!), because I am making more changes!  For the 2009-2010 school year I volunteered (literally at the last minute raised my had!) to move to third grade.  I am really excited, but nervous about learning a new grade and curriculum.  This year at my new school was exciting to say the least.  I gave (no lie) the Heimlich maneuver to a student the second day of school, but we all survived (literally and figuratively!).


Here it is June 2010 and so many things have changes!!!

  Things that have stayed the same: I am teaching third grade again and I am in the SAME classroom!  Yay!  No moving!! I am very grateful.


Things that are different:  However, there have been a few changes in my life as well.  I found out in February I am expecting a baby! We will be having a little girl some time in mid October.  Thrilled doesn't even cover it.  You may have noticed there have been *no* updates since last year.  That is because I was sick as a dog from February to mid May.  But I am healthy now and ready to get back on the web...which leads to another change.  My beloved PC died.  And with it died my favorite web program Front Page.  My husband doesn't even think it would work on the new computer even if I was able to find my copy.  So I am using a new web program and I am CLUELESS!  I don't even know how to spell check! So please bear with me while I reteach myself all this "web stuff!" 


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